Design Methods

Anthony Peters Mfg innovates and designs new and unique products for children's educational market. This has made our company extremely successful over the last three decades: from our first product, thready bears, to some of the more recent ones, like our easi-grip range. Our products are designed with consideration for small hands (aimed at children aged between 3 and 5 years). Our products allow young children to 'think' with their hands, and to become use to using their fingers for a range of activities / applications. Our products encourage a general awareness with young children, and a consideration of the world around them. No child will ever feel unsafe or confused, or stupid when using Anthony Peters products.

Material choice is also important. We aim to choose products which are durable. If we are using plastics we don't want those plastics to be thrown away.. that is why our plastic products are durable and can be used forever. The materials we choose are also comfortable and friendly for young children. Our wood is smooth, light and bright; and our pom poms are soft and fun to use in arts and crafts. We want young children using our products to gain a healthy appreciation of the world around them, and an understanding which they will carry with them for years to come, as a toolset to use objects and materials in the world around them when they are older.

Other Words on Anthony Peters Products

Anthony Peters Mfg has a strong, international reputation in the pre-school market. We like to thing that business owners around the globe consider us a strong force in the market, and one which is fair and efficient. We spend a lot of time making sure we get things right. We strive to make sure both our office in Ningbo, China and Melton Mowbray, UK are in effective communication with one another. We have a bespoke PHP-coded specifications database to ensure high standards for our products, which can be accessed directly from all our workplaces. Our Sales team is here to make sure that you choose the right products for your business which sell well and allow your company to be profitable.

The world seems to change a lot everyday, but Anthony Peters is a family-orientated and we ensure that our business is here to stay, so we are one company that you can rely on and trust. We make sure our approach is honest, true and honoroubale, which can certainly be difficult to find in the business world. We make good products, which are durable, and sell well. We also produce consumable products and kits as well, so we make sure that all areas of the market are covered as well as can be expected from a single manufacturer and wholesaler. We will always take your requests seriously can are happy to talk to you about any designs or ideas you might have, and if there is business to be done - then we are here to help meet your demands and requirements.

Looking into the Future

Every year we make sure to introduce some new products, usually about 10-20 across all our categories. But we are also constantly developing new ranges, such as our gardening range, naturals range, outdoor wicker playsets, etc. We go where the market calls us to go, and make sure that we can stay up with the modern trends. This flexible attitude has allowed us to survive when others weren't able to do so. Our designers and artists are some of the best in the industry, and our sales team is super. All our employees work together in unison to ensure our business operates profitably and efficiently. We manufacture and source products in China, as well as Vietnam, India, and elsewhere in South East Asia, such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

We work with various companies all over the world: Europe, China, North and South America, Australia, etc. Some countries we have exclusive distributors, but this is only the case for 4 or 5 countries. We exhibit at Nuremberg, Germany every year at the start of the year. If you are in the pre-school market and plan to visit Spielwarenmesse, then please look us up, or get in contact, so we can meet you.