Services Offered

Our development team is able to work from a brief or operate a total development package from concept to finished product. Products can be developed through our UK base and delivered through the UK or FOB from our China factory. Own Label items, developed by Anthony Peters are available throughout the world in leading retail chains, mail order catalogues and other international markets. Our team of product developers and designers is happy to discuss any ideas you may have. Our popular Young Gardener® range of children’s grow kits, tools and all year round growing and craft based products is also available as Own Label for educational and retail outlets.


For more details please contact us. The services we provide are product sourcing, manufacturing, own label branding, certification, health and safety standards, Chinese import logistics, testing, help and support in Chinese market, as well as SE Asia, support in manufacturing; supply of gardening equipment, naturals products, wicker products, furniture products. We take your design to market.

Anthony Peters aims to take your designs and ideas to market. We can produce great volume with short lead times (please contact us for more details concerning your products and ideas). We have 20 years experience manufacturing in China with our own company there, and we can assist in manufacturing in China, and making sure the customs clearance is effective, efficient and without problems.

Bulk Order & Wholesale

We are able to bulk order products and provide cheaper costs to you, with our network and warehousing in China. We can ensure standards are met in China, which acts as a hub for all of the Far East in our operations. We strive to be a company of high standards, pursuing originality and high quality products. We want to avoid harming the environment which is why we have been developing Wicker, Naturals and FSC products in the last six or seven years.

We have establish a good reputation, and built up a lot of knowledge in the business – not only in supplying children's educational products, but also in trade (import / export) with China and the Far East, as well as other locations. Please feel free to ask us to help you with your business, and if you are a growing company we can assist you in developing your product range.

We have one in-house Artist in UK, and one in-house designer. We design original, intelligent products, which are easy to package and deliver around the place, and also go well with modern standards (health and safety, cultural expectations, etc.). Our goal is to supply good educational arts and crafts products all over the globe. This will allow education to cover new areas, and to meet cultural understandings in the best way possible. We want to ensure that the right materials are used, which is why we use a range of materials in our manufacturing and distribution. Our networks are set up to make sure the matierals are found and convereted in the most efficient way (from source), and end up in casual packaging in any market e.g. catalogue companies in UK, USA, etc. Please see the manufacturing page for more details.

Services (Technical)

Apart from Sales, Logistics, Art and Design, Sourcing, we also want to make sure our systems are up-to-date and as technological and modern as possible. We employ a hand-crafted Specifications system to ensure Quality Control over all our products, and for all our customers. This means you won't get as many returns as you would with other suppliers. We are here to meet your demands. We can take a look at your Sales Network if you like and give you suggestions in how to develop your business. Please click here to find out more about our Supply Chain.

All our workers both in our UK office and China office / factory always have a smile on their face, and are always ready to learn and develop new ideas and solutions. We really love working in the pre-school market, and aim to supply original, innovative products. Our designs focus around the very ideology and philosophy that is required to produce high-quality, original products for young children. We make sure health and safety standards are met, as well as practicalities, packaging practicalities, efficiencies. Anthony Peters has been operating for more than 30 years now. We know what we are doing, and we are pushing forward to encourage arts and crafts and education all over the world.

Unlike our competitiors we make sure to focus directly on environmental concerns, intelligent design, original products, as well as efficient logistics. We aren't scared to strive into the unknown, and you won't find a pre-school product manufacturer who is more switched on in the realm of dealing with the Far East, and making sure demands are met for pre-school suppliers (and pre-schools) all over the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia, as well as many other places.