Washable Stencils

Fruit Stencils (6)

Pack of 6 fruit themed plastic stencils – pear, banana, apple, pineapple, grapes and lemon. Instructions included.


Vegetable Stencils (6)

Pack of 6 vegetable themed plastic stencils – tomato, leek, aubergine, mushroom, carrot and marrow. Instructions included.


Animal Stencils (6)

Pack of 6 animal themed plastic stencils – elephant, fish, pig, parrot, cow and butterfly. Instructions included.


Transport Stencils (6)

Pack of 6 transport themed plastic stencils – car, train, aeroplane, boat, bike and tractor. Instructions included.


Emergency Services (6)

Pack of 6 emergency service themed plastic stencils – police car, ambulance, fire engine, rescue helicopter, lifeboat and breakdown truck. Instructions included.


Dinosaur (6)

Pack of 6 dinosaur themed plastic stencils – six different designs. Instructions included.


Jungle (6)

Pack of 6 jungle themed plastic stencils – lion, tiger, snake, elephant, crocodile and parrot. Instructions included.


Woodland (6)

Pack of 6 woodland themed plastic stencils – fox, deer, hedgehog, squirrel, badger and tree. Instructions included.


Sea Life (6)

Pack of 6 sea life themed plastic stencils – fish, lobster, seahorse, whale, octopus and crab. Instructions included.


Bugs (6)

Pack of 6 bug themed plastic stencils – beetle, butterfly, ladybird, caterpillar, snail and bee. Instructions included.


Fairies (6)

Quantity: 6. Designs: Fairy, toad stall, unicorn, carriage, crown, castle. Size: 140mm x 150mm.


Pirates (6)

Quantity: 6. Designs: Pirate ship, pirate face, treasure chest, cutlass/anchor/parrot, skull and crossbones, pirate ship with flag. Size: 140mm x 150mm.


Space (6)

Quantity: 6. Designs: planet, plane, stars & moon, astronaut, earth, rocket. Size: 140mm x 150mm.


Halloween (6)

Pack of 6 Halloween themed plastic stencils – pumpkin, bats, ghost, owl, witch and cat. Instructions included.


Easter (6)

Pack of 6 Easter themed plastic stencils – lamb, daffodil, chick, basket, rabbit and egg. Instructions included.


Giant Stencils - People (12)

Pack of 12 large people themed plastic stencils – girl, girl & sandcastle, girl with ball, girl running, girl skipping, ballerina, boy, boy running, boy with ball, boy on bike, boy & teddy bear and boy with kite.


Giant Stencils - Assorted (12)

Pack of 12 large assorted plastic stencils – flower, house, dog, cat, horse, car, teddy bear, giraffe, lion, whale, bus and tree.


Giant Stencils - Making Masks (10)

Pack of 10 plastic stencils for making animal themed full-face masks – rabbit, cat, mouse, frog, lion, bear, monkey, walrus, pig and donkey. Instructions included.


A4 Border Stencils (4)

Pack of 4 A4 size border stencils – sea life, flowers and leaves, love hearts, and fireworks.


Domino Mask Stencils (8)

Pack of 8 plastic stencils for making animal themed half-face masks – monkey, zebra, tiger, cow, owl, rabbit, fox and dog. Instructions included.

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