Sponge Painting

Sponge Painting Set - Transport (5)

Set of 5 transport themed sponges – boat, aeroplane, train, lorry and car. Includes 4 background pictures and instructions.


Sponge Painting Set - Animal (5)

Set of 5 animal themed sponges – cow, sheep, pig, rabbit, duck. Includes 4 background pictures and instructions.


Sponge Painting Set - Sea Life (5)

Set of 5 sea life themed sponges – seahorse, turtle, fish, crab and diver. Includes 4 background pictures and instructions.


Sponge Painting Set - Fruit (6)

Set of 6 fruit themed sponges – banana, apple, strawberry, lemon, pineapple and pear.


Sponge Painting Set - Vegetable (6)

Set of 6 vegetable themed sponges – carrot, onion, pepper, aubergine, mushroom and marrow.


Sponge Painting Set - Halloween (5)

Set of 5 Halloween themed sponges – witch, cat, bat, spider and ghost.


Sponge Painting Set - Easter (5)

Set of 5 Easter themed sponges – egg, lamb, chick, rabbit and flower.


Sponge Painting Set - People (23)

Set of sponges in different shapes to help children create mini people. Shapes include – clothes, accessories, faces and hands.


Sponge Painting - Alphabet Lower Case (26)

Set of sponges in the shape of lowercase letters.

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