Environmental Policy

Our beliefs:

We believe everyone deserves to breathe clean, fresh air, and have safe, environmentally-friendly products; especially when users are young children who need to learn and grow in a safe environment.

Product examples:

Outdoor Wicker products (natural, sustainable materials), Naturals Education (natural products and by-products), Enchanted Forest (natural materials for doll's houses and wooden characters), Young Gardener products (encouraging children to get outdoors giving them an appreciation of the environment.)

Core Policy

To constantly improve our customer service in a more environmentally-conscious world. Our products aim to keep children in touch and interested in the world around them – as an alternative to power-consuming tablets which carry a large carbon footprint.

We respect (and encourage others to consider) the environment: nature: air pollution: noise pollution: renewable resources - such as sustainable forests.

Policy Aims

Our goal is to make Anthony Peters Mfg a pioneer of environmentally friendly practices and products. We aim to:


We aim to minimise the volume of waste deposited to landfill by reusing and recycling materials wherever possible. Any waste is disposed of legally and appropriately.

Office and Factory Green Policy:

Success Story

Enchanted Forest (2017-Present) - a range of children's educational toys; developed from natural materials, with low carbon footprint, able to biodegrade very quickly, whilst maintaining quality. The range includes doll's houses and wooden elves. Characters and models incorporate various natural products - and are handcrafted, not requiring big machines in factories for production.

These products are a return to basics, encouraging imagination, creativity, and providing enjoyment to young children. The products are an exploration into the natural world in the attempt of discovering which natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials work best in a mass production process.

The next Steps

Anthony Peters Mfg is pioneering the use of natural materials in mass production showing how natural materials can be used to make safe, interesting, educational toys without high carbon footprints.