About Us

We manufacture educational art and craft products for use by children aged between 3 and 5 years old. Our ranges include: Young Gardener, Wicker Works, Naturals, Easi-Grip / Soft-Grip, and various other arts and crafts products.

We supply businesses all around the world. Over the years we have innovated and invented various children's arts and crafts products that are known and used all over the world such as sponge painting, classic stencil designs, sponge roller painting, and much more.

Our 'Easi' grip range is a range of specially designed products for young children with small hands and aimed at helping children to develop fine motor skills at a young age. All our products are safe - and conform to regulations.

Over the last few years we have been developing the Naturals Education product range. We hope to encourage the use of natural, replenishble products in schools so as to encourage environmental sustainability. Our Enchanted Forest collection consists of hand-crafted natural products which are safe for the planet.

Own Brand

We provide an own-label service to customers who require their own branding. We have worked closely with many different customers over the years to ensure that their branding needs are met. Our in-house artist provides wonderful artwork that ensures large numbers of product sales.


Please click here for information regarding our professional design process, and the service that we offer regarding unique, modern and innovative design in the pre-school market. We make sure the right colour choice is made. Colour choice is important when bringing fun and enjoyment to the learning environment. Colours can also affect young children's emotions and their general well-being. Our colours are chosen to lift the spirits of young children, and ingrain positive, hopeful and strong memories which will sit with them through life and give them the strength, defenses and safety-awareness they require to enjoy life. Colours are extremely important in product design, as any professional designer will let you know; there have been various studies and theories made about colour over the years, and this is something our designers and artists take into account when designing products for our range.


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Other Services

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